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This blog post is for those of you interested in ancient Rome and the state's rise and fall. It is a pdf download, hopefully it will be of use to someone. ##Blog Post Title: What to do When You're Going Through Breast Cancer Treatment## There are many ways that we can help ourselves through breast cancer treatment; mindfulness, meditation, and staying active among them. Below we’ve compiled a list of things that may seem like they’d require more energy than you have now but can actually provide relief during this difficult time if done consistently. We’ve included links to studies, so you can learn more about each of them if you’re so inclined. ##Blog Post Title:How to Deal with Stress at Work Along with the stress of breast cancer treatment, people often experience additional stress from their jobs. Here are some suggestions for coping during this time. ##Blog Post Title: What is Cervical Cancer?## The Cervix is a part of the female reproductive system that connects the uterus to the vagina. Any abnormal cell growth in this area can be very harmful and lead to cervical cancer if not treated promptly. ##Blog Post Title: What is Breast Cancer?## The breast is made up of fat, connective tissue, and glands that produce milk. Skin covers the breasts and nipples. Certain types of breast cancer begin in the milk-producing glands. Other types begin in other parts of the breast or in the chest wall or skin around the outside of the breast. ##Blog Post Title:What is Endometrial Cancer?## Endometrial cancer occurs when a malignant (cancer) cell starts growing in the lining of your uterus (endometrium). This lining builds each month during your menstrual period to prepare for a fertilized egg to develop into a baby. If the lining builds too thickly or grows in areas where it shouldn’t, the cells may turn cancerous. ##Blog Post Title: How is Pregnancy Like Breast Cancer?## It can be hard to think about having a baby while you are going through breast cancer treatment. Here are some things that you can do that will reduce your nausea, stress, and fatigue during this time. ##Blog Post Title: How Do You Prevent Cervical Cancer?## There are certain things you can do to prevent cervical cancer later in life. It is not always possible, but it is easier to prevent cervical cancer if the area being monitored is well maintained. ##Blog Post Title: What is the Risk of Stomach & Colorectal Cancer?## The risk of stomach and colorectal cancer is rising. Stomach cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer deaths in both genders in 2016, and colorectal cancer is the third most common cause of cancer deaths in men. ##Blog Post Title: Is There A Screening Test for Breast Cancer?## Screening tests are used to detect abnormal changes in cells that could lead to development of breast cancer. The most commonly used screening test for breast cancer is mammography. Every year, one out of every eight women ages 40–79 will be diagnosed with breast cancer.


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