How To Format A Usb For Both Mac And Pc

  1. format both windows and mac
  2. format both average fields as standard

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If you accidentally choose the wrong disk you will not be able to recover the data without special software or even a data recovery specialist, which can be extremely expensive.. They have also included this with their latest laptops and their iMac’s Recently photographers have switched from using CD/DVD’s to USB flash drives to deliver their digital pictures to their clients.

  1. format both windows and mac
  2. format both average fields as standard
  3. excel format both date and time

It looks like the Apple smiley face Here’s a picture Step 2: A finder window should be open now.. Step 6: Locate your USB flash drive Mine displays as 2 GB SMI USB DISK Media, then underneath it you will see USB DISK.. You only get 11 characters and spaces count as a character Don’t use any symbols or special characters.. There are two parts to this tutorial One for Mac and the other for Windows 7 (Be careful using these instructions to ensure you are formatting the correct disk.

format both windows and mac

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Step 4: If you haven’t already plugged in your USB flash drive in to your Mac, please do so now before going on to Step 5.. Step 3: In the Application Windows look for the Utilities Folder Double click on the Utilities folder.. Step 5: Look for the Disk Utility icon and double click it Note: From this step on please be careful.. Step 8: You will see Format: Select ExFAT Step 9: You will see Name: Input the name you would like to call it, for example your clients name or your business name.

format both average fields as standard

But don't worry We've got the solution! This article will teach you how to format the USB flash drive so both Mac’s and PC’s can read them.. ) (for Windows instructions please scroll down) MAC INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Double Click on the Finder icon that is located in the Dock.. However, some photographers have run into issues where clients are not able to read the USB flash drive, prompting the photographer to switch back to using CD/DVD’s.. By - guest writer The latest trend with computers is not including a CD/DVD drive.. Click on USB Disk Step 7: When you click on USB Disk you will see a few tabs Click on the Erase tab.

excel format both date and time

You don’t want to erase the wrong disk Doing this will delete all the data on the disk.. On the left hand side of the finder window locate “Applications” Click on Applications to open the Applications folder.. This helps the computers to be small and lighter Apple has started doing this when the Macbook Air arrived on the scene.. USB Flash Drive for both PC and Mac Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by SusieK, Aug 10, 2006.. For this example I will be using my company name abbreviated: JSP Step 10: Your screen should look like the screen example below. 5ebbf469cd